Black Metal: The most extreme genre in Music?



Many people have a negative idea of ​​the genre, and how can we even deny this?

This dark music derived from occult rock and heavy metal, its been very controversial since the beggining, and it has been marked by tragedy since its conception.

Before the genre even existed, the bands that paved the way for its development already spoke about occultism, satanism and murder.

Its not that in heavy metal these topics were out of the norm, however these proto-black metal bands emphasized on this.

Venom had a dark image, the singer was growling and the lyrics of the songs were already extremely dark and pesimistic.

The same could be said of the rest of the bands that help with the development of the genre: Sodom, Hellhammer, Slayer, Mercyful Fate or even Sarcofago from Brazil.

Bathory would be one of those big influences, if not the biggest one.

A musical project formed in 1983 that already had a lofi sound, with satanic lyrics, dark voices, screams, full-speed drums, demonic guitars, black and white covers…

And yet for many it was a few steps away from being real black metal, at least by modern standards.

Mayhem, the legendary Norwegian band was formed in 1984.

They took all the influences from all of these bands and added a dose of deadly ideology to craft modern Black Metal.

It was the 4th singer the one who would add not only the aesthetics but the final dosage of extremity that the band needed.

Pelle Yngve Ohlin was an extreme person, with a deep voice and strong mental problems. He would take their concerts to another level and with only 6 live performances he would take his own life on April 8, 1991.

And all this is only 5% of the most extreme and brutal genre that ever existed..